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Spicy and Spicy Chicken Waffle at Sleepy Hollow.


Looking for a tasty sandwich in the Magic Kingdom? The sweet and spicy chicken waffle at Sleepy Hollow at the Magic Kingdom is not exactly a sandwich, but it’s pretty close. And what it’s lacking in its sandwich-ness (yes, that’s a real word), it makes up for in taste.

Located in Liberty Square just over the bridge from the hub, you probably know Sleepy Hollow as a great place to get ice cream sandwiches made with huge chocolate chip cookies or funnel cakes, but you can also get this delicious waffle sandwich. It’s topped with fresh arugula and a creamy coleslaw, but the real star is of course the big hunk of breaded and fried chicken  breast doused with a sweet, Asian inspired sauce.  It’s got some heat, say a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, but it’s quickly offset by the sweetness.    The waffle was cooked to order and tasted delicious as well.

This is my new go-to snack in the Magic Kingdom. It’s big enough for lunch for one person or as a quick snack for two when you’re dining reservation is a few hours away and you need to fuel up.  And at under $10 for it and a drink, it’s a bargain, as far as theme park treats go.  Try it your next time in the park and let me know what you think.


  1. That looks so yummy!
    Can’t wait to go back and try it 🙂

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