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Staying Hydrated at the Magic Kingdom

Water is your friend!

Keeping cool and hydrated while visiting Central Florida is important anytime of the year, but especially during the hot and crowded summer months. While soda abounds at the Magic Kingdom, it isn’t always the smartest choice when the weather turns blistering. So, grab your sunglasses, your hat and your sunscreen as we look at some simply ways to stay hydrated.

Ask for Free Water
Any quick service stand or snack cart that sells fountain soda will be able to give you a free cup of water. All you have to do is ask! They will also wet down bandannas and small hand towels to help keep you cool. If the heat gets overwhelming, don’t hesitate to stop a cast member. They can direct you to the First Aid station near the Crystal Palace.

Fruit, Fruit and More Fruit!

Even thought the Nutella Waffle with Fruit might seem a little much on a hot day, it still offers a generous helping of blueberries, bananas and strawberries. You can find bananas, oranges and apples all over the Magic Kingdom at various snack locations but two spots standout for their variety.


  • Cheshire Cafe – fresh fruit, lemonade, slushies and Smart Water.

Liberty Square

  • Liberty Square Market – apple slices, oranges,  bananas, grapes, green apples, mixed fruit, pineapple spear, watermelon and carrot/celery sticks.

Water Misters and Sunscreen…Oh, My!

Everyone has seen those carts parked everywhere selling the spray bottles with the fans on top. You know, the ones that spray the cooling mist of water?
Well, I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the misting fans cause more sunburns than you would think! The water droplets magnify the intensity of the sun and the mist keeps the sunscreen from being as effective. We always recommend that you take a hat of some sort…and that you reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

As a reminder, it takes about 30 minutes for sunscreen to be effective. Applying it and then going into direct sunlight is better than no sunscreen, but it is still not as effective.

Citrus Swirls
Don’t forget to enjoy the reborn Citrus Swirl at the Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland. This creamy and refreshing orange and vanilla treat is a perfect snack on a really hot day. Or course, you are in danger of getting brain freeze as you try to finish the treat before it melts.

How do you stay cool and refreshed at the magic Kingdom?


  1. Great info! We have been to MK almost more times than I can count and didn’t know about getting a free cup of water!

  2. I’m a new comer to your blog. One of the snacks we can not miss out on is the funnel cake which is at sleepy hallow in MK and Hollywood studios kiosk by the dinosaur. The funnel cake in Epcot in American Adventure for some reason not on the DDP. Great Blog!

    i too have a disney blog!

  3. I think staying hydrated should be everyone’s priority. Especially during the gruesome summers. You are constantly losing water, even by just walking outside. It is great that you let people know that they can ask for free water. It doesn’t taste amazing, but it is better than nothing.

    I am starting a blog on a guide to a young adult’s Disney vacation. Do you have any tips to offer, such as audience analysis?

    My website is onceuponadisneyworlddream.tumblr.com

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