Disney just released what they’re calling a “tasty offer” for summer.  It’s not something they’ve done before and it’s kind of interesting. Take a look at the details:

  • Value resort clients will get one free quick-service meal per person for each night of their stay.
  • The booking widow is short, Jan. 19-Feb. 29, 2016
  • The travel dates cover most of summer,  May 29-Jun. 30, 2016 and Jul. 5-Aug. 13, 2016

Now, you can almost guarantee that this won’t be the last offer available for summer, even for the value resorts, but depending on how you eat and which location you visit, you could easily save $80 a night for a family of four.  I always tell my clients, you can skip table service meals and save money that way, but you have to eat in the parks, and short of bringing your own food in, you’re probably going to be spending a minimum of $12 per person per meal at any quick-service location. So this isn’t a bad deal for value guests. In fact, considering that a room offer usually saves you around 10 to 15 percent on a value room, this deal is over twice what you’ll save on a standard value room.

My advice: Jump on this deal if you’re traveling during the summer. These deals are always limited, especially when Disney tries something new and they don’t know how guests are going to receive it.  If something better comes out, you can always apply any subsequent offer without penalty (you just can’t have more than one offer at a time).

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