There’s a new character breakfast in Walt Disney World and it has two of your favorite princesses, Ariel and Rapunzel, plus their Princes, Eric and Flynn. Okay, never mind that Flynn isn’t technically a prince The fact is, Flynn is there and yes, he brought his smolder–and his charm–with him.  Called the Bon Voyage Character Breakfast, it’s located at the Trattoria al Forno on the Boardwalk. You can get there by walking out the World Showcase entrance at Epcot or going to the Boardwalk Inn. We parked at the Boardwalk Inn for our 7:30 breakfast.  If you’ve never eaten at Trattoria al Forno, it’s one of Disney World’s hidden gems at dinner, with the type of entrees and ingredients you’d expect at a much more expensive eatery.  This breakfast proved no different: we were impressed with both the quality and service. Here’s the nitty-gritty on this top notch character breakfast.

The Menu:

I’m going to save picky eaters a lot of time: Order the pancakes. Everything on the menu is more adventurous than you might expect on a Disney breakfast menu. Think poached eggs over polenta with fennel sausage and marinara or scrambled eggs with peppers and, again, more marinara. It’s more brunch than breakfast, but from my own experience and from what I’ve heard from clients already, this is a menu, which is strongly influenced by Italian flavors, that will cause less adventurous eaters some difficulty.

Having said that–oh my gosh everything was delicious! You’re first served a fruit bowl and pastries, all of which were fresh and plentiful.  Your pastries are served in a cast iron frying pan, an homage to Rapunzel’s weapon of choice.

My daughter had the Mickey waffles. Nothing memorable there, but typical kid-fare. She was pleased. The adults at the table had the omelette with salmon and vegetables and the two poached eggs over polenta, called “Two Eggs Poached Underwater” here. Both were delicious, but the eggs over polenta was the real star of the menu. Trattoria al Forno makes their own fennel sausage (as well as some of their fresh cheese like ricotta and some pastas as well) and if I had to give you one reason to visit, it would be this. It’s so fresh and delicious I could eat it every day.  The sausage mingled perfectly with the marinara and the perfectly poached eggs ran into the polenta, making it even more creamy.

One quick caveat: Sunday gravy on the menu here is not sausage gravy that those of us in the south are used to. It’s marinara. Know this and you won’t be wondering where your biscuits are !

Character Interaction:

Flynn comes out first and had plenty of time to chat with each table before Rapunzel arrived. We felt the character interaction here was more slow-paced than at some other locations,  but keep in mind the restaurant was only about 70% full. I would expect that to change as word gets out about this place.  Prince Eric came out next, followed shortly by Ariel. After the characters had made the rounds, everyone was invited to join in a parade around the room.  My daughter decided to play shy when Prince Eric came around.

This was not the case with Flynn, however, who was kind enough to demonstrate “the smolder” to my daughter and a cast member friend of mine.

Rapunzel was a huge hit.

In addition to the parade, guests are encouraged to write about their own journey.

As well as to record their own dream

What? They asked what my dream is. Anyway . . . .

Final Thoughts:

At $34 for guests 10 and up and $20 for children ages 3 to 9, the Bon Voyage Breakfast is in keeping with the cost of most character breakfast on property. It’s a great deal, at least so far. The food is excellent and the character interaction is well-paced. We didn’t fell like we were being inundated with characters, which can make eating impossible, nor did we feel we were being ignored. The slightly smaller dining room helps with the latter, by the way, as does the fact that there are only four characters in attendance. If you have a child who loves meeting the princesses, or if you like meeting them yourself, definitely add this to your list.

This experience is one table service credit on the Disney Dining Plan. Tables in Wonderland is accepted. Check your benefits to see if annual pass or Disney Vacation Club discounts apply.