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New Magic Kingdom Security Measures Mean Shorter Lines for You

Since the installation of much-needed metal detectors at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, getting into our favorite park has been difficult. Long security lines frequently pushed out as far as the ferry boat entrance, making it difficult for guests to even get into line coming from the boat and the bus stop area. Disney attempted to rectify this situation by adding more security lines, but to no avail: lines were out of control.

So how do you keep visitors to Disney’s busiest park happy? Well, the latest solution is to move security to several different locations. So far, it’s working quite well, especially for guests staying at the monorail resorts.

This is the walkway from the Contemporary Resort to the Magic Kingdom.  Guests coming from this resort will go through security here if they choose to walk to the park. It moved quickly. In fact, things were so slow, one of the cast members working there jokingly told me, “I’ve been talking to the plants. So far, they haven’t answered back.”

Guests taking the monorail from the Contemporary, Polynesian, and the Grand Floridian will go through security before the enter the monorail. I stayed at the Grand last week and things went very smoothly there, even during busier times.

Here’s another view of the Grand Floridian’s security line.

As you can see, this is a nice bonus for monorail guests, who will simply exit the monorail and walk right up to the touch points and enter the park.  It really was a breeze getting into the park this way.

If you’re parking at the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) and taking the ferry or monorail to the Magic Kingdom, you’ll go through security after you exit the tram.

The tram drop off and pick up area has been moved further from the covered area (towards the road) to make room for security.

Here’s another view of the new tram drop off area. Security and bag check is to your right.

After you go through security, you’ll choose whether to take the monorail or the ferry, same as before. Note that guests going to Epcot will have to go through security again when they visit that park. Also, if you are a guest at a monorail resort and you are taking the monorail to Epcot, you’ll go through security twice: once when leaving your resort and again when you arrive at Epcot. That seems to be the only glitch and even that is minor.

Next up, buses. I think it’s tempting to think that bus riders might have it the most difficult, but keep in mind, you’ve always had to go through security at the Magic Kingdom. Now you’re just doing it with fewer people, as monorail and ferry boat riders have already gone through the process. This means your time in line is going to be much shorter.

As you can see, even during a busy early evening in April, lines were short.

A lot of times Disney fans don’t like change. I get it because if they ever took out Carousel of Progress, I would be the first to chain myself to the building! But this is good change we can all agree on. Lines are moving faster and there’s less congestion, which means you get into the park faster. And who doesn’t want that?



Peter Pan’s Flight Interactive Queue.

AprilMay2015 129

Peter Pan’s flight is one of the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom; in fact, it’s probably one of the top ten rides in all of Walt Disney World if wait times are any indication.  Why, you ask, would such a low-tech ride be so popular after all these years? Well one reason is that it’s a ride the entire family can enjoy. Excluding a serious fear of heights, it’s a ride that’s accessible to nearly everyone.  And then there’s the nostalgia factor.  Maybe you remember going on it as a small child? Well guess what: It’s pretty much the same was it was then.  Part of what Disney sells is warm memories and Peter Pan’s Magic Flight accomplishes that like few rides do.

The downside of its lasting popularity is, of course, the long lines. Disney introduced fastpasses to Peter Pan years ago and of course now, you can reserve a time with Fastpass+. But you only get three fastpasses a day, at this time, so you have to be choosey. What if you don’t want to “waste” one on Peter Pan when you’ve got the Mountains–Space, Splash, and Big Thunder– as well as Anna and Elsa and the Mine Train with potentially longer lines?

AprilMay2015 135

I’ve got an even better reason to skip the Peter Pan fastpass+ now:  It’s got a new interactive queue that adds depth to the story of Peter Pan.  Disney has done this to several attractions at Walt Disney World in the last few years, most notably the Haunted Mansion. Not only do interactive queues entertain guests during long waits, they also explain the story even more fully, adding to your overall enjoyment of the attraction.

AprilMay2015 127

In this case, you’re invited into the Darling household, where you’ll see paintings of the family as well as that of Peter Pan and Hook. Next, you’ll go into the main queue, which is the nursery, where you’ll see where the children sleep. Wendy’s pink canopy bed looks so inviting you’ll want to crawl up in it yourself. Toys are scattered here and there just like every kid’s room. But don’t miss the lighted effects on the walls, as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan make their presence in the room known. There’s so much detail in this space that you’ll probably won’t mind the wait too much.

I apologize for the lack of photos in this post, but it’s very dark in the queue. It’s also very cool–which is fantastic on a hot day in the park. Enjoy!

Momento Mori; New Shop in the Magic Kingdom Meets all Your Haunted Mansion Needs

SeptemberOctoberWDW2014 542

Disney knows that fans love the Haunted Mansion; it’s one of the most beloved attractions in all the parks.  They also love Haunted Mansion merchandise. In fact, it’s often impossible to find it, it’s so popular. Well, now you can shop to your heart’s content at Momento Mori, located in the old Yankee Trader location right next to the Haunted Mansion. It’s full of great finds you didn’t know you needed.

Got a hankering for a tombstone themed Rice Krispy Treat? It’s here.

SeptemberOctoberWDW2014 528

And while you’re at it, why not serve it on this cute little dessert plate? It’s not dishwasher safe, so you’ll have to be really committed to using it. But you’re committed, right? Right? I thought so. Everyone loves the Haunted Mansion.

Since you’re spending the night in, just you and your toothsome tombstone treat, why not get comfy? There are all sorts of t-shirts available as well.

SeptemberOctoberWDW2014 514

You can also just gaze lovingly at your fabulous Haunted Mansion art.

SeptemberOctoberWDW2014 517

But don’t spend the night all alone. Call a friend. Oh, what’s that? It’s just your new Haunted Mansion iPhone case.

SeptemberOctoberWDW2014 536

Yeah, I bought one of those.

This new shop is full of tons of merchandise, everything from mugs to magnets to expensive Haunted Mansion prints. You can also take a super scary picture of yourself that morphs into a ghost. For under $40, the effects are impressive–although a little too scary for my tastes.

Next time you’re in the Magic Kingdom, stop by. It’s already a huge hit–in fact, you have to wait in line to get in and you won’t even find Anna and Elsa once you’re in there! I promise it’s worth the wait though.