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The Dress Shop on Cherry Tree Lane

The newly-revitalized Disney Springs is home to lots of clothing boutiques, from Kate Spade to Lilly Pulitzer, but there’s a new shop on the block that’s getting all the attention. Designed to appeal to retro-loving Disney fans, The Dress Shop on Cherry Tree Lane features Disney-inspired dresses designed with a nod to the 1950s and 60s.  Think  Tiki Room inspired sundresses, a pretty blue “Belle” dress with a darling white collar, cap sleeves, and a book motif on the hem, even a bellman themed dress for all you Tower of Terror lovers.  You can even get a bag that looks like Cogsworth.

Price-wise, expect to pay around $120 per dress.  That might sounds steep, but I love to shop and I wear a lot of dresses and I thought this price was actually fair considering the quality and flattering design.  The fabric is a heavy cotton, seams are sturdy, as are zippers.   I was told that Disney tested their dresses on many cast members with different body types to find the most flattering fit. Thankfully, these dresses aren’t just designed for size zero girls–they’re made to fit and flatter  wide range of body types.

Beauty and the Beast, The Haunted Mansion, Alice in Wonderland and more are represented here. The day I arrived, two days after the shop opened, they had already sold out of a number of designs and the shop was full of people not just looking, but buying–some of them a lot! The Orange Bird dress caught my eye, as did the pretty pastel Alice in Wonderland dress. I  also loved the Snow White inspired dress on the right and saw it on several guests in the park last week. If you’ll notice the bodice, it doesn’t have the rouching that some of the other dresses have, which flatters curvier figures.

As far as sizing is concerned, you’ll probably need to take a size or two down from your normal dress size. I bought my Orange Bird dress in a medium, which is probably equivalent to a Kate Spade size 10 or a Banana Republic or Gap size 8.  These dresses are generously sized in the bust, so keep that in mind as well.  To me, the bust fit like a roomy size 12. Straps are adjustable, so shorter ladies won’t have to worry about gaps. The cut on the sun dresses is low but not so low that you’ll feel like you’re  over-exposed.  I am a bit over five feet tall and my dress hit several inches below the knees, long enough so that even taller women can add a crinoline (which they sell here!) if they like and it won’t be too short. The good news is, this shop caters to all shapes and sizes, so petite ladies and those who wear larger sizes (around a size 22 or so) will find some nice options.

On the day I visited, the shop, which is located in the Marketplace section of Disney Springs, had a pop up with Pin Up Girl Clothing, or PUG as it’s commonly known, which makes beautiful mid-20th century inspired dresses. I suspect, although I have no confirmation here, that the folks behind PUG had a hand in designing some of the dresses featured in the shop since the sizing, quality and the design is very similar. That’s not a bad thing since most of us who love vintage reproduction are huge PUG fans.

So did I buy anything? Well, of course I did. I have always loved Orange Bird so I picked up a dress (I would have bought the Tiki Room dress as well but it was sold out). I’m not so sure about the print, but I love the cut and quality. If it doesn’t end up working for me, I’ll put it  on Ebay. But right now, it looks pretty and cheerful hanging in my closet.  What about you? Will you be checking out The Dress Shop?


  1. What a fun post! My family and I will be at WDW the first week of May, and I would love to visit The Dress Shop! Can you post the approximate price of accessories? (I am a big fan of hats, bags, and jewelry!)

    • Chris

      April 12, 2017 at 8:41 pm

      Bags start in the mid-40s. I did not see a lot of hats but I would imagine they’ll be comparable. I will probably go by there again in May. I’ll post pictures and try to get prices, although you will have already visited. Thanks for reading and enjoy your trip!

  2. Are these dresses available for purchase online

  3. Are annual pass holder discounts applicable? I’ve searched everywhere and it’s not mentioned.

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