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Update on Booking 2013 Rooms in 2012.

I just took down my post about booking rooms now for 2013. Briefly, the gist of that post was that you could book your 2013 room rate at 2012 prices. This is something that Disney hasn’t done before and we were happy to see it because while you could always book your rooms 499 days in advance, often those room rates would change when the new packages came out that summer.

There’s been a pretty steep learning curve for all of us on this new policy. I always double-check any quotes I send out because there’s nothing worse than being off by even a little bit. As a travel agent doing the majority of my business online, I know that the most important thing I have is my reputation for honesty and while it’s a big internet, I don’t want even one client to question that. So I’m very careful. 

I haven’t been able to verify my prices for my 2013 quotes because they’ve been for January or Art of Animation, which are resorts where we don’t have 2012 rates to quote. But yesterday I quoted the Grand Floridian for a client in June 2013 and as she pointed out, the quote from Disney was around $180 more than her quote that she did online for 2012. Sure enough, she was right. I called and verified some resorts, and it turns out the price increase is 4 percent over what you’ll pay this  year. 

So, what does this mean? Well, it means two things. One, your 2013 rate is guaranteed, it’s just not guaranteed at 2012 prices. That’s a nice option for guests who like to plan far in advance. And two, it may mean that last year’s room increase (which was 7 percent on average) is going to be lower this year. No one knows yet if, when Disney releases packages this summer,  they’ll bump up the rack rate an additional 3 percent from the current 2013 rates or if will stay at the same 4 percent increase.  Finally, as a cast member said to me this morning, “we don’t know how that 3 percent savings is going to shake out for the rest of the package.” In other words, will the dining and ticket prices change as well?

Confused? Yeah, me too. But I wanted to put this out there and let you know that there was some confusion initially. I’m going to send a link to this post to all my 2013 clients and let them decide what to do as well.


  1. Your price is guaranteed, but I’m not sure if those rates will go up. In other words, I’m not sure if 4 percent was a safe bet now, and when they do more research and planning, they’ll raise those prices later. As I said, last year’s rates went up 7 percent on average (this is Disney’s number not mine) so I suppose it’s fair to assume they’ll go up but keep in mind that they don’t always go up at all.

    So it really becomes a gamble on the part of the guest.

    Sorry I don’t have a better answer.

  2. My question is, if I book a room for 2013 then a special deal comes along for the time I will be there. …Will I get the benefits of that special even though I have already booked my room?


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